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Diversity Students


Recipes 4 Learning offers local High School students an opportunity to earn community service hours at our Bellport, NY facility. There, students will assist in assembling and packing cookie kits. 
You can volunteer as an individual, as a group of a High School club or High Schools can arrange volunteer groups with Recipes 4 Learning directly.




High School Special Seniors

High Schools can arrange for their special education classes to receive all the elements of Recipes 4 Learning Cookie Kits which have been ordered for an elementary class. The Special Seniors class assembles the Cookie Kits and then deliver them to the elementary classes directly. The assembly process of the kit offers first steps in vocational training either in class or at our facility. We provide detailed instructions for educators to guide students in assembling the kits. No food preparation is required.

Transition Program

The Recipes 4 Learning Transition Program offers those with IDD/DD a two-year non-credited work transition program where they can gain job skills, social and daily living skills training with a focus on Career Development in the food industry. The program currently operates out of our commercial kitchen and production facility in Bellport, NY.

Employment at Recipes 4 Learning

We also offer limited-time employment opportunities to young adults with different abilities where they are mentored, trained and supported in being in a workplace environment. 

Our goal is to staff 50% of the Recipes 4 Learning employees with people with different abilities. If you are an individual, school, organization or know someone who would benefit from Recipes 4 Learning, please contact us.


Grand Opening Board

Our Recipes 4 Learing Transition Program is in need of projects related to food packaging, assembly or preparation. If you are a local business owner, we can offer you labor production services at no-cost to you. Particpants in our Transition Program will be learning job-skills training at our commercial kitchen in Bellport, NY. Please reach out to discuss your business needs and how we partner. 



Happy Kids with Books


Recipes 4 Learning is a 501(c)3 Non profit raising funds that positively impact the future of young adults with disabilities and also supports elementary school-aged children with a hands-on learning experience. 

Help us raise funds to provide Recipes 4 Learning Cookie Kits to low-income school districts. 

  • Adopt-A-Classroom
    $400 donation provides 20 cookie kits for a full classroom.


  • Sponsor-A-Student
    $20 monthly recurring donation provides a Cookie Kit to one student monthly.


  • Gift-A-Job
    $120 will help provide employment for one day to a young adult with disabilities for vocational training.


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